Tracks: 1. At the Millennium  2. Making the Day Endure  3. Northwest Maine, September 2001  4. Long Term  5. Yes, We are Trees  6. The Sound, Today, From the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad All the Way to Snow-locked New Hampshire in April  7.  Buying Firewood  8. Night Driving  9. Occurances  10. What Sunday Means  11. A Wild Sermon  12. A Huge Tract  13. Taking the Tent Down and Going Home  14. Circumference and Centers  15. Steam Engine Placard Hanging by the Driveway  16.  Purging New Cylinders  17.  Bending Steel  18. Preservation  19.  Mid-Winter Lake Ice  20. Roar Brook: Her Christening  21. Burial, Arroyo Secco  22. Below The Medicine Wheel  23. Granite Stone In The Aspen Grove  24.  For Barbara On the Death Of Her Horse  25.  Words For A Friend With Prostate Cancer  26.  Promises  27.  Olive In The Nursing Home, Blind, Sitting By The Nurse’s Station In Sunlight  28. Ferncliff  29.  As The Years Pass I Forget  30. Listening At The Spring  31. Frank, You Taught Us All  32. At The Avery Heights Retirement Home, Achilles  33. Chautauqua  34. With The Surgeon As He Makes A Child’s Ear  35. Homeless  36. Passage to Glacier Bay  37. Tuning Sitka Sound  38. Candle Light Dinner By The Harbor  39. The Lesson  40. Fingers  41. Beyond, Behind The Totems, January 2003, Sitka National Historic Park  42. A Garland